January 2012 Catalog / Photography by Rene Vaile


Doug Bloodworth’s artistic perspective is influenced by childhood affection for American western classics and the quintessential youth of the American dream. A combination of Pop Art, photography and textural paint strokes, his work was born from inspirations that began when he was a boy, and have grown into the refined craft of photorealism.

Milk and Cookies - realistic oil paintings by Doug Bloodworth.

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Sin is a bummer maaan.

WZRD - Teleport 2 Me [Snippet]

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Two Inch Cuffs - Inside the 1964 Jaguar XK-E

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Ditchity goddamn, lovingly done by my favorite and beastly liferuiner, Brian Mullen at Art Freek Tattoo in Providence, RI.

Superexcited when a wordbonerism lands on an arm in a tattoo form…if you’re not ready for a permanent one, you can get that one on a tee.

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